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LVS REWARDS CLUB with Membership system

• What is LVS Rewards Club?

- The exclusive benefits and experiences you deserve when joining our LVS rewards at Las Vegas Sun Hotel & Casino and business partner merchants.

- LVS Reward Club recognize and reward you with different levels of membership

- Provide LVS royalty and make them spend life in LVS Ecosystem (Stay, Enjoy, LVS Fun at Las Vegas Sun Hotel & Casino).

LVS Rewards Club

LVS Rewards Club is a tiered rewards program that is exclusive to Las Vegas Sun Hotel & Casino(“LVS”) and participating partnership businesses.

The rewards program operates under the terms and conditions as set out below unless otherwise expressly stated.

▪ Tier Level

- LVS membership Card Tier status is subject to Tier points earned during gaming and other services activities.

- Tier points are valid for 12 months from earning and used to determine card tier.

- Membership Card tier is re-evaluated annually based on Tier points earned.

- Tier points do not constitute any Benefit and cannot be used for any type of transaction.

▪ Card Tier

Red – Silver – Gold – Platinum - Black

** Membership is yearly and exclusively by invitations date and the benefits are available until end day of calendar month following year from Tier Review date.

Terms and Conditions


1. LVS Rewards Club (“Rewards program”) is the official loyalty program of Las Vegas Sun Hotel and Casino (“LVS”) eligible for applicants who must be 18 years old and above. Limited to one account per person.

2. The Terms and Conditions stated herein establish the scope, rights, privileges, and benefits as well as

the conditions, liabilities, and obligations participation to Rewards program. LVS may unilaterally change these Terms and Conditions to reflect changes and updates in LVS policies including local and national regulations.

3. The following are not eligible to become a member and shall forfeit any Benefits accrued to them.

a) Government officials connected directly with the operation of government or any of its agencies and their immediate family members.

b) Persons included in the list of the National Database of Restricted and LVS exclusion list

(i.e., AML restriction list, self-excluded, or any other category of excluded persons).

c) Employees of LVS and their immediate family members; It shall be the responsibility of LVS's employees to inform their immediate family members that they are not eligible for membership.

4. Official identification and other mandatory information are required to join the Rewards program. Any act or form of misrepresentation or false declaration may be a ground for refusal, suspension or revocation.

of the Rewards program, as may be applicable upon the sole discretion of LVS. Copies of identification and other relevant information will be retained by LVS.

5. The applicant warrants that all provided personal information, data and documents (“Personal Data”) are accurate, sufficient and valid. In the event of any changes to Personal Data, is required to notify LVS any such changes either in writing or in person at the LVS Rewards Service Counter.

6. Protected Personal Information may be updated by online (where applicable) or by visiting LVS properties. The access to and deletion of Protected Personal Information is subject to processes set out in LVS policy.

7. Rewards program application is approved at the absolute discretion of LVS. Upon approval, the applicant will be accepted as a member of the Rewards program (“LVS member”) and be issued a membership card.

8. A Personal Identification Number (“PIN”) will be given to respective LVS member upon issuance of a card. It enables the member to access information relating to secured information such as Personal Data, Points balance, entitled Privileges, and transaction summary.

9. LVS members shall keep their PIN confidential at all times and undertakes not to disclose to any other party under any circumstances whatsoever, and shall not permit any other party to use it.

10. LVS does not and will not request LVS members to provide PIN, passwords, and other information via email or SMS. LVS members should be circumspect and be cautious about providing personal and identifiable information requested by any individual or organization impersonating LVS with suspicious or inappropriate email addresses.

11. LVS members shall be liable for all transactions made through their account using a valid PIN, with or without their knowledge or consent and acknowledges that LVS is no obligation to verify the authenticity of any person who performs transactions using a PIN.

12. LVS shall not be responsible for any damages, losses or any Personal Data leaked as a result of lost or stolen card, any disclosure or loss of PIN. In the event of the afore reason, the member shall immediately notify LVS to prevent further damages and losses.

13. In case a member wishes to have the card replaced, the member must personally file a request for replacement at any LVS Rewards Counter and the member is required to present a valid ID for verification. LVS has the complete discretion to accept or reject the request.

14. Membership cards are owned by LVS and must be surrendered unconditionally and immediately upon request of LVS. A fee may be levied for replacement or secondary membership card ("Linked Card").

15. LVS has the complete discretion to issue and use Linked Cards. Points earned via Linked Cards shall accrue to the primary membership card balance and it may only be used by the respective of the registered member.

[Personal Information]

16. LVS members allow LVS and LVS business partners to collect, use, store, process and/or disclose personal data at LVS's discretion for security, administrative, sales and marketing purposes, to the extent permitted by laws, including but not limited to.

17. LVS members expressly allow LVS to send information regarding LVS promotions, events, changes as well as all other notifications via email, SMS, telephone calls, mail, and other communication line unless advised otherwise in writing. Such advise shall be effective or deemed to have been given by the member if duly signed and by hand-delivery to LVS Rewards Counter.

18. LVS members undertake to notify LVS of any errant marketing communications received following their opt-out request, bearing in mind that opt-outs may only become effective after a reasonable period following the request.

19. By joining the Rewards program, LVS members hereby acknowledge to have read, understood, and consented to the collection, use, and sharing of their personal data in accordance with LVS's Privacy Policy, which is published at www.LVS*****.com (LVS web site address).


20. Rewards, points, privileges, discounts, promotion, offer, or any other benefits (“LVS Benefits”) are based on the scope, criteria, and calculations reasonably established by LVS. LVS members acknowledge and accept that under no circumstances shall LVS be obliged to disclose the same.

21. LVS benefits are valid for respective member based on valid tier status. Certain Benefits may be subject to qualifying criteria and the onus shall at all times rest with the member to ensure that they are aware of the qualification.

22. LVS Benefits do not apply in conjunction with discount, promotional offer, corporate rates, group bookings, any other forms of promotions or booking via selected business partners with LVS unless otherwise advertised. In addition, any offers and discounts are subject to availability and the furnishing of mandatory personal information.

23. In order to be upgraded to a new tier status or maintain a current card status, LVS member must earn the required points within the period prescribed therefor. LVS shall have the absolute discretion to determine, change, amend, renew, upgrade, and downgrade the tier status of the member without prior notice and/or assigning any reasons regarding such status update.

24. Loyalty Point, Tier Point and any other points issued by LVS (“LVS Point”) awarded shall be valid up to twelve (12) months from the date earned depending on the source of earning unless otherwise advertised.

25. LVS is not obligated to remind LVS members of expiring points. Unutilized points may be forfeited upon expiration without prior notice to the member.

26. LVS points are determined on the amount spent by LVS member on the room rate, F&B or any other actual service prices, excluding all taxes, levies, and gratuities only.

27. LVS reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without and prior notice, to adjust LVS member's account status, LVS benefits and LVS points without limitation due to system errors, machine malfunctions and any other circumstances.

28. If for any reason, a member is unable to use or redeem LVS benefits, or did not receive it timeously through reasonable attempts to contact via active communication channels, then the rewards will be forfeited and cannot be claimed retroactively. No re-instatement requests will be entertained.

29. LVS members are responsible for any and all fees, applicable taxes, dispute resolution fees (if any) from redeeming Points and/or enjoying benefits. Furthermore, the benefits under dispute resolution cannot be redeemed and/or enjoyed.

30. LVS reserves the right to transfer and/or deduct points to settle any of LVS member’s outstanding accounts without prior notice. LVS members shall not be entitled to any compensation in such transfer and/or deduction.

31. LVS Benefits are for the sole discretion and use of the LVS member. The benefit accruing to member may not be sold, cashed-out or transferable and unless otherwise advertised.

32. Points Earning Criteria may be achieved by LVS members using their membership card or membership number (as the case may be) during gaming activities or by presenting it to LVS and LVS business partner merchants.

33. Points may be redeemed for the corresponding items or services at various accredited outlets in LVS and LVS business partners. Items and services for redemption are subject to availability.

34. The required points shall be deducted from LVS member's account for every redemption and conversion of points to cash shall not be allowed.

35. LVS members will be required to enter their PIN at the time of redemption and additional proof of identification may be required for verification purposes.

36. LVS or any of its partner merchants reserve the right to refuse any request for redemption or to recover any reward redeemed if there is a reasonable basis to believe that the points used by the member were fraudulently or erroneously recorded.

37. Benefits provided by third-party program partners or other participating businesses may be, in addition to the Rewards program terms and conditions, subject to further terms and conditions of the respective third-party program partners or participating businesses. LVS business partners in its sole discretion and without prior notice or consultation.

38. LVS members who redeems the corresponding points, rewards, discounts, and benefits under the program, shall be understood to have read, acknowledged, accepted, and agreed to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of the accredited merchant respecting the redemption. Thus, any dispute, claims, conflicts, discrepancies and inconsistencies pertaining to the redemption shall be resolved exclusively between the member and concerned merchant in a manner consistent with said Terms and Conditions.


39. LVS reserves the right to terminate, revoke, and cancel the rewards program at any time without need of any prior notice to LVS member under any of the following circumstances:

a) Violation of any Terms and Conditions of LVS Rewards Club.

b) Failure to perform any of the duties, obligations, or covenants as provided herein and/or in the Membership Card.

c) Providing false or misleading information or representations to secure membership and/or points or rewards.

d) Offensive or undesirable behavior while in the premises of LVS.

e) Causing or consenting to the use of the Membership Card by third person, unauthorized person, and/or ineligible personalities/entities.

f) Violation of any Cambodia law.

40. In the event of afore cases occurred for any reason, all LVS benefits accrued by a member will be forfeited perpetually and no refund is available however.

41. Accrual of Points during gaming activities is made by estimations of average bets placed and length of play recorded against gaming systems. Persons other than the registered member may not accrue points on behalf of the member. The afore-going conduct will result in the forfeiting of the LVS points or Benefits earned, and it shall form grounds for the termination of Rewards program.


42. LVS reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or withdraw the Terms and Conditions regarding LVS Benefits, tier and point status, grant of rewards, and termination of Rewards program participating entities without prior notice or consultation.

43. These changes shall be posted on LVS website and a member who continued use or take advantage of the rewards program after the posting of any notice of a change in the Terms and Conditions shall constitute to member's acceptance to be bound by any such changes.

44. It is incumbent upon members to periodically visit LVS website to review the current terms. The take advantage of the rewards program after the effectivity date of the updated Terms and Conditions will constitute the member's agreement to the updated Terms and Conditions.

45. LVS has the sole and absolute discretion to determine any controversy, claims, questions, and disputes arising from any mistake or error in judgment in the accumulation of points, tier, rewards, discounts and benefits. The determination of LVS shall be final and conclusive.

46. LVS will not be held liable for any loss, damage or expense incurred by any other LVS member.

47. LVS members shall indemnify and hold LVS harmless against all liabilities, costs and expenses in relation to any claims or demands made against LVS by any third party, arising out of or in connection with fraud, misconduct, or negligence of the LVS member.

48. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Cambodia.

49. Rewards program shall be deemed void and/or amended if so declared or required by a competent authority, applicable laws or regulations. LVS and its affiliates do not warrant and accept no responsibility with respect to the Reward program.

50. The above clauses are severable from each other. In the event that any clause or part thereof is unenforceable in law, then that clause or part thereof shall be severed from these terms and conditions, and the surviving clauses and parts thereof shall remain in force.

51. In the event that LVS temporarily makes any indulgence or deviation of these terms and conditions in favor of LVS members, then such indulgence or deviation shall not be misconstrued to be a breach or waiver of these terms and conditions or any rights of LVS.

52. These Terms and Conditions have been intentionally executed in the English language and any translation into another language shall be for reference purpose only. In case of any inconsistencies between the English texts and the translated versions, the English version shall prevail.

53. By joining the LVS reward club, LVS member hereby acknowledges to have accepted and agreed to be bound to the Terms and Conditions. The Terms and Conditions may be unilaterally changed at any time without prior notice from LVS.